The government can destroy old bungalows to rebuild the Delhi of Lutyens

(This story originally appeared in on Nov 13, 2019) New Delhi: the bungalows of ministers, senior officers of the armed forces, high-ranking judges and government officials could be demolished to make way for modern houses that are efficient in the use of energy and space. As the Center embarks on the ambitious project of remodeling the Central Vista and building a new Parliament, it plans to raze the old bungalows of Lutyens Delhi.

The Central Department of Public Works (CPWD) has resurrected a five-year proposal to completely rebuild (LBZ). The bungalows built by the British between 1912 and 1930 are the main objective of the plan.

CPWD CEO Prabhakar Singh told ET: “All bungalows have survived their lives. They have filtration problems and termites. Houses built by the British throughout the world have been demolished because they are considered unsafe. We must give credit to CPWD for keeping these bungalows so well. ”

The LBZ redevelopment plan has been in perspective since 1998 when the Center formed a committee to review the proposal. The then Ministry of Urban Development received a proposal to rebuild the Central View and further classify the heritage areas. Later, in 2014, the government decided to begin remodeling floors for members of Parliament. While the remodeling of a part of the area was cleared, Type VIII bungalows, or the most spacious, occupied by the upper levels of the bureaucracy remained intact.

“We will again promote our plan to rebuild the Lutyens Bungalows Zone. It would help in the optimal use of the land and give our energy and space efficient modern houses to our ministers and officials. The success of the redevelopment can be seen in Sunehri Bagh, the North and South avenues and the BD Marg floors, ”said Singh.

CPWD would place its plan once again before the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. The plan would require authorizations from the Delhi Urban Arts Commission and the Vista Central Committee.

The area of ​​approximately 26 square kilometers extends from Raisina Hills, which houses the President of India, North and South Blocks, to residential colonies such as Golf Links, Chanakyapuri, Sardar Patel Marg and Panchsheel Marg.

What has given an additional boost to the plan is the central plan to rebuild Central Vista. A senior official said: “When we are opening the area for such a massive construction, the most obvious thing is to build new homes for the main bureaucrats and ministers. We will save space and maintenance costs and there will be better houses. ”