Jaipur: BSF agent rejects the dowry of Rs 11 lakh at the wedding

JAIPUR: A BSF agent refused to accept Rs 11 lakh in cash like his in the town of Amba Bari in the city on Saturday. Instead, the agent accepted Rs 11 and a coconut as a symbol of the bride's parents.

Giving an example against the evil custom of dowry, BSF agent Jitendra Singh said a clear no to the money he was offered at the wedding. Initially, the parents of the bride were surprised to think that the baraatis (invited to the wedding) were not happy with some of their arrangements, however, everyone cried with joy after seeing the gesture of the groom. Jitendra married Chanchal Shekawat in the city on Saturday.

“I was surprised and initially thought that the boyfriend's family wanted more money or they were not happy with the arrangements. Later, we realized that he and his family were totally against the money offered to them, said Govind Singh Shekhawat, 59, Chanchal Shekhawat's father, the bride.

When they contacted me, Jitendra Singh, a BSF agent posted on Chattisgarh, said: “The day they told me that my future wife had done LLB and LLM and was also doing a PhD, I thought it was good enough for me and me family. That day, I decided not to take any dowry and my family thought we would declare this decision to my in-laws on the same wedding day.

Chanchal is preparing for Judicial Services (RJS) and if she becomes a magistrate, this would be more valuable to our family than money, Jitendra added. Rajendra Singh, the father of the groom, said: She has a good education and, therefore, we will facilitate her even more in her higher education.