Toilet tips during Movember

the annual Movember The campaign, which involves men who grow facial hair to raise awareness about men's health, is gaining better attention year after year. Many young people from India actively participate every year and even turn to social networks to share photos of their participation in it. While the practice is that men stop spending on grooming and grow facial hair as part of Movember , does not mean you can get a scruffy look. Especially, if you are someone who generally looks shaved and bearded suddenly It will not be so easy. Here are some things to follow while participating in the Movember movement.

  • Choose a beard style according to the shape of your face. One thing we have to realise is that different styles look good on different faces. So, simply copying the style of a celebrity or someone you admire in terms of style is not the best thing you can do.
  • Regular cleaning is important. You must keep your beard at the same time you take care of your hair. Use beard shampoo regularly to get rid of odor and dirt
  • Trim the beard regularly. You can't seem scruffy. Use scissors to trim it so that your beard looks neat.
  • Combing your beard is also part of keeping it well. Use a comb with rounded teeth so that it does not scratch the skin underneath. Apply wax or gel after that, if you want to shape it in a particular way.