The idea of ​​the return of a movie is exciting: Ramya

Delhi has been the home of an actress turned into politics Ramya for a while, but even then, the slightest mention of his name still manages to generate much curiosity in namma ooru. From the rumors of a Wedding in the Middle East to talk about his sudden departure from social networks and the buzz of a movie Returns , Ramya continues to be a hot topic of discussion for both the media and fans. Considering that it seems to be the Wedding season in Sandalwood, do we have reason to congratulate her? Earlier this year, there were unsubstantiated reports of her tying the knot at a glittering ceremony in Dubai. “A Wedding in Dubai? I’d like to see those pictures. I wasn’t even aware that this had created such a hype, because I’ve been disconnected from social networks and my phone,” she says. But why did she exit social networks ? “When I was appointed social networks head of the party by Rahul Gandhi, I didn’t make a big announcement. So, when I resigned, I submitted it to him and that’s all that mattered to me. I didn’t find the need to make a big deal of it,” says Ramya .

Is a return to films on the anvil, then? “Offers still come. I didn’t take them up, as I was busy with political commitments. I’m not entirely sure, but I think it’d be fun to make a Returns ,” avers Ramya . What’s next for her? “I was curious about films, I did it. It was the same with politics . Anything that arouses my curiosity, I will follow. As of now, life is beautiful offline and I am savoring every moment, he concludes.