City photographers tell you how to capture perfect frames

Everyone likes to take pictures, but some people make an extra effort to understand the technicalities behind photography, in order to capture the perfect frames. Although a general understanding of craftsmanship is important, the camera, lens and accompanying equipment have a very important role in maintaining the quality of photographs. But this can again be an expensive deal, especially for beginners. Photographers in Bangalore share some tips that can help an applicant pursue his passion, without making a hole in his pocket ...

Try to take pictures during the golden hour of the day

“Natural lighting is very important. Actually, it can give you better effects than studio lights. Use the golden hour of the day, the period shortly after sunrise or before sunset. Daytime images always come out better. Try not to venture into night photography unless you have flashlights and diffusers, says BS Shivaraja, Cop Shiva, who, after serving in the police department for two decades, is now a full-time photographer in the city.

Be innovative; create your own visual illusions According to Raghav Ramaiah, who specializes in weddings and travel photography, optical illusions are what attracts people today. Visual illusions, for example, the bokeh effect, are not new in the world of photography. That said, there are innovative methods that people continue to use to make their images stand out among others. “Sometimes, I use my phone's screen as a reflector. I hold it against the bottom of the camera and lean it accordingly, so that there is a reflection of the object in the frame. In the image, the phone screen looks like a body of stagnant water, ”he explains.

Easy DIY alternatives for expensive photography tools ...

FLASH DIFFUSER: Often used to soften the hardness of direct lights, flash diffusers are a favorite tool of professional photographers. These usually come with a price of up to `30,000, which can be quite expensive for a beginner. “Using an LED lamp inside an inflated white balloon could be a good alternative, while you can also use a cardboard box lined with foil or a white funnel on top of the flash. The white surface can reduce glare. The full configuration will not cost you more than `200,” says Shivaraja.

REMOTE SHUTTER TRIGGER: The shutter speed depends on the type of picture you are chasing. Reviving an old trick, Shivaraja says: “Use your headphones as a remote trigger. Although this may not work with all devices, it is worth trying with DSLRs, at least. Here, the microphone button on the headphones can serve as a shutter button. This can help you take better self-portraits.

MACRO STUDIO: Given the growing popularity of food and product photography, macro studios or light boxes, says Raghav, it can be useful. A smaller version of a real photo studio, macro studios can be purchased online for about '500. These are also available in local stores, ”he adds.