Odd checks will be adjusted next week in Delhi

NEW DELHI: While traffic was scarce on city roads on Saturday due to the strictest security measures in some areas of Delhi, compliance with ration rules for odd and even roads He was short, with many motorists seen driving an even number car on a strange day. Police issued 297 challans until 8 pm on Saturday, most of which were broadcast during peak hours.


Police admit that although 200 teams have been formed to reserve offenders from even and odd road rationing During the exercise, it is difficult to stop such cars at each intersection, particularly during rush hour, since they stop the rest of the traffic.

Some officers note that at the same time only one or two vehicles can be marked for a fine. “There is not enough space on the road or labor to stop several vehicles at once. Many offenders manage to take advantage of this, ”said a police officer.

Next week, police plan to step up controls during which offenders entering the city could be reserved in border areas. Plans are also being discussed on how to smooth traffic movement during these controls.

For example, random checks will not be performed, as it could cause grunts on arterial roads during peak hours. However, mobile equipment will be deployed in large markets or in the parking lots of municipal corporations to verify if there are wandering vehicles parked there.

Civic organizations will also be requested not to allow offenders in their parking lots. The traffic inspectors of the 52 traffic circles will be patrolling with a list of the 25 exemptions, which will be verified before a wandering car is set aside.

Civil Defense volunteers can also be cordoned off to inform offenders about heavy fines and flip them, especially in border areas. Police said volunteers will focus on spreading awareness about the scheme.