No concrete measures were taken to arrest police personnel who made a mistake: Delhi Bar Association

NEW DELHI: The president of KC Mittal on Monday showed disgust at the inaction of arresting his officers who were wrong and allegedly shot at a lawyer during recent clashes at the Tis Hazari court.

No concrete action has been taken to arrest the police people who shot at the defenders. The police are adamant, rather provoking lawyers, to resort to protest. We are attached to the legal fraternity, said an official declared by the council.

The statement came one day after a meeting between members of all district court associations, representatives of the Delhi police and Deputy Governor Anil Baijal were inconclusive.

The meeting was held on the agenda after a violent confrontation broke out between the police and the lawyers in the Tis Hazari Court complex about an alleged parking problem, which left several police and defenders injured. The court also ordered a judicial investigation into the matter.

The meeting with LG and the police failed due to the resistance of the police officers and the breach of the law. They had no intention of taking action against the ASIs involved in firing at Tis Hazari, the statement of the Bar Council added.

Following the inconclusive conversations, the lawyers who protested have decided to refrain from working today.

The Delhi police, however, clarified that it will take action against officials only on the basis of the outcome of the judicial investigation. It has also formed a team to initiate dialogue with the bodies of lawyers.

Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal also appealed to both the police and lawyers to continue having conversations to solve the problems amicably.