TOP: LPG tank truck turns turtle into railroad track in Mathura, a dead man

AGRA: The train operations stopped for almost eight hours after a turtle turned on the railroad track in the Mathura district. Before overturning, the tanker killed one and injured four travelers along the way.

The incident took place Sunday night around 10:45 pm on the Mathura-Hathras state highway below.

After the incident, the police superintendent Mathura, along with the local police force and railway officials with the RPF crossing Mathura and Mathura Cantt arrived at the scene.

It seems that the LPG tanker was at high speed, as it crashed into a motorcycle and other vehicles on the state highway, killing one and injuring four. The tank truck crashed into the iron railing and turned the turtle into the train track that runs along the state highway. The tank truck was returning to the Mathura refinery to be refilled. After the accident, the unknown driver of the truck fled the scene, said Rajeev Verma, a Yamunapar station officer.

He said: Minutes later, a freight train collided with the tanker and divided it into two pieces. Due to the collision, the engine of the locomotive of the freight train suffered serious damage and also derailed.

Rajendra Singh, public relations officer for the Northeast Railway (NER), said: There were no victims of any railroad employee. Due to an accident, the train operation on the route stopped for almost eight hours and resumed around 6:30 a.m. Monday morning.

We have filed a written complaint against the driver of the LPG tank truck, he added.

Yamunapar police said a total of two FIRs were lodged against the unknown driver of the LPG tanker, one by the relative of the deceased victim and another by rail.

The deceased victim was identified as Atik, a resident of the Raya police jurisdiction, Mathura. The four wounded were identified as Shahrukh Khan (25), Sohail (16), Balram (35) and Dasrath (24).

The injured were admitted to the Mathura district hospital by local police.