The first monument to the elephants of India is a tribute to the elephants who lost their lives from illegal traffic

The memorials are often set to honor people and remember their contribution, but no one cares about innocent animals that are tortured for our entertainment. But on a sincere initiative, Wildlife SOS, a conservation charity based in India, presented the first monument to the country's elephants in Mathura. This monument is a tribute to elephants who lost their lives from illegal traffic, abuse and cruelty.

The recently inaugurated monument is located at a distance of 20 miles from the iconic Taj Mahal. The monument highlights 5 rescued elephants whose lives represent the plight of captive elephants and why it is essential to ensure that others do not suffer a similar fate.

Elephants suffer torture throughout their lives while performing in circuses and tourist attractions and not much is done for their well-being. The monument has black granite plates and stone rocks with the names of some elephants, who suffered this fate, engraved on them.