Seven feared death in the avalanche of Siberia

MOSCOW: Seven Walkers Were Missing And Feared Death After An Avalanche Russia ' , Emergency Officers Said Wednesday, As Investigations Were Sent To The Area.

Nine people were caught in the avalanche Monday in the so-called of Russia 's Altai republic in southern Siberia, close to Kazakhstan and China.

Two People Failed To Get Out And Informed Authorities On Wednesday, The Altai Chief Said. S Emergency Services, Andrei Burlakov.

Since The Avalanche Is Quite Large, The Search And Rescue Operations Can Extend To An Indefinite Amount Of Time, He Said.

The Walkers Were Experienced Adults Following A Complicated Mountain Route And Approved By The Authorities, Their Instructor Vladimir Yudin Told The BFM News Website And Added That An Extensive Search Should Probably Have To Wait For The Summer Season

He Said The Tractors Were Part Of A Group In The Siberian City.