Kharagpur woman gives birth, boy names Bulbul

MIDNAPORE: A third-year geography student resisted a cyclone to give birth to a baby, Bulbul, named after the storm that hit the ground on Saturday, even when she brought it into the world.

The date scheduled for Sipra was Monday, but since Saturday night around 5.20, her condition began to deteriorate, said her husband Ashoke Dolui, who works at a private company in.

“Then we took her to the gynecologist, who suggested that she be admitted to a nursing home immediately. We rented a car and rushed to the nursing home in Midnapore. It was raining a lot and there was a strong wind. It was very difficult for us to move along the road, Ashoke said, remembering the impact of Cyclone Bulbul as he rushed into Sagar Island to land.

“Finally, we arrived at the nursing home at 8.20pm. Sipra was rushed to the operating room. We received the good news at 8.50 p.m. ”Said Ashoke. Around that time, the cyclone had touched down.

In the private nursing home, Sipra Dolui Kotal recalled the name of her 3.19 kg baby. “Along the way, my husband and my father decided to call the baby Bulbul. I had so much pain that I was not in a position to speak. But I liked the idea. So when the doctor showed me the baby and asked me if we had thought of a name, I didn't think again. I wanted my baby to remind me of the storm, ”he said.

Baby Bulbul, however, is under observation in the sick newborn care unit (SNCU). The mother's condition was such that we had to operate immediately, said gynecologist Sabyasachi Roy. “The baby is under observation. I hope everything is normal in a couple of days, Roy added.