The #PiercingChallenge is the latest online fashion

Every week there is a new viral challenge that creates a buzz online. After the strange #Glue Lip Challenge, the latest crazy fashion is the #PiercingChallenge, where people get pierced in the virtual world through a filter to help them decide which one to choose in real life. A beauty challenge that can be risky ...

Is that how it works. A filter flashes on the user's face that shows a series of different perforations. It's like spinning a roulette wheel and can cover any area of ​​the face from the nose to the septum. Once he lands in the piercing, the person trying the challenge has to do the piercing in real life. And while many are expelled for this latest viral challenge, professional tattoo experts encourage people to exercise caution.

Prevent a rookie from getting drilled

As this fashion realizes, many young people can approach a friend to get a piercing, they don't necessarily know how to do it. J’son D’souza, a professional piercing artist, warns against this. He says: “Before getting a piercing, one must make sure that he or she is happy to carry it out. And most importantly, go to a professional driller for it. Facial piercings are great, but India has not yet evolved to accept them in certain direct customer-oriented job profiles. Although the ears are fine, some companies do not accept multiple piercings in the ear and are despised. ”

Appearances aside, there is also a risk of exposure to some serious infections if the tools used are infected and not sterilized. Vikas Malani, a famous tattoo and piercing artist, encourages people to do their research before opting for a piercing simply to simulate a trend. He warns against the realization of a piercing by a rookie, and adds: “When you try to reduce costs and approach an inexperienced person for a piercing, you are getting a high-risk piercing. This can cause serious skin infections and also runs the risk of getting hepatitis or HIV. In addition, it is always better to perform a manual needle piercing on a gun shot, as the latter can break the cartilage. What is due and should not be taken into account

  • After drilling, you should clean the area with saline water three times a day. The rock salt in the saline solution acts as a disinfectant and kills bacteria, preventing fungal infections.
  • Reduce the consumption of sugar, starch and fried foods. This will help keep your sugar levels under control. Do not change the stallions for at least one month.
  • Do not enter the pool for at least a month because you have an open wound that needs time to heal.
  • Do not sleep on your piercing and if you have an ear piercing, do not wear headphones on top.