A loud explosion rattles Kabul, feared victims

KABUL: A Big Explosion Cradled Central Kabul On Wednesday, Officials Confirmed, Sending A Plume Of Black Smoke Over The City In The Final Explosion To Hit The War-torn City And When Afghanistan Observes The Muslim Holy Month Of Ramadan.

"I can confirm an explosion in the area of Kabul . We are checking the details," Ferdaws Framurz, a spokesman for the city's police force, told AFP.

Interior Ministry Spokesman Nasrat Rahimi Said The Explosion Took Place Near The Offices Of CARE International, An NGO With Operations In Afghanistan. We Do Not Yet Know What The Nature Of The Explosion Is, But Small Weapons Have Also Been Fired In The Area, Rahimi.

The Explosion Comes As US Representatives And Taliban Continue Negotiations In Qatar To End The Nearly 18-year Conflict.

The talks follow a massive peace summit in Kabul last week where President Ashraf Ghani offered the Taliban a ceasefire to begin on the first day of Ramadan, but the insurgents refused.

The Taliban Have Rejected Repeated Calls To Stop The Battle Of The Past Year, Because They Are Trying To Gain Influence At The Negotiating Table By Engaging In Battle On The Battlefield. Last Year, The Taliban Announced A Three-day Ceasefire At The End Of Ramadan After Ghani Announced A Unilateral Ceasefire Eight Days Earlier In The Month.

It Was The First Formal National Ceasefire Since The US-led Invasion Of 2001 And Saw Unprecedented Scenes Of Reconciliation And Jubilation Across The Country.