Middle school in English only until class 6 for now in Andhra Pradesh

VIJAYAWADA: On Saturday he made some changes to his GO to convert all state government schools to the English medium. The government, which had initially decided to implement middle English to class X, has now decided to limit it to the sixth standard for now.

Prime Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy, who held a review meeting with education department officials on Saturday, made the decision to introduce English into public schools from class I to VI. Telugu will continue to be a compulsory subject for all classes.

Taking into account the protests of teacher associations for forcing the English medium in schools, the CM ordered officials to take the necessary steps to introduce English laboratories to improve the English of students and teachers in all schools As of November 14 along with the launch of Nadu-Nedu program.

Authorities explained that government schools are now poorly equipped to handle middle classes of English up to the tenth standard. Teacher training is an important exercise and officials suggested to the CM to introduce the medium in English gradually. Jagan then asked officials to introduce middle English into elementary schools across the state up to the sixth standard as of now.

He also ordered officials to follow the CBSE and ICSE methods as suggested by the committee of experts on educational reforms. He also told them to focus on training teachers in the management of English classes in the coming years.

Many teacher associations have opposed the decision to introduce English into primary education. Primary education lays the foundation for students. Many international agencies have opined that primary education in the mother tongue will give the best results. But our government is trying to impose English on students in order to compete with private schools. We will continue our fight until the government withdraws its decision, said G Hrudayaraju, secretary general of Andhra Pradesh Federation of Teachers (APTF).

Student associations have also demanded that the state government completely withdraw the proposal to implement the English medium overnight. About 70% of teachers in government schools are able to handle average English. Homonymous training classes in English are not a solution for this. The decision will ruin the future of the students, said A Ravi Chandra, president of the Democratic Progressive Student Union.