The most perfect trial, says former ASI director KK Muhammed

KOZHIKODE (Kerala): On Saturday, the former North regional director, Archaeological Survey of India () welcomed the Supreme Court verdict in the case of a dispute over Ayodhya's property title and called it a perfect trial.

The court has issued a verdict based on the evidence provided by the ASI. This is the most perfect judgment that has occurred to me. I never thought it would be so perfect. I feel vindicated (I had said that the Ram temple existed before the Babri mosque). in Ayodhya), I was persecuted by a group of people. It's exactly the kind of decision we all wanted, he said while talking to ANI in Kozhikode.

For Hindus, this place is as important as Mecca and Madina for Muslims. For Muslims, this place is not associated with the Prophet, Muhammed added.

Based on the archaeological and historical evidence provided by ASI, the court concluded that there was a temple before and that we should build a new temple once again, he said.

live from plus The Supreme Court ordered the Center on Saturday to assign five acres of land appropriate to the Sunni Waqf Board and, at the same time, make the necessary arrangements for the construction of the temple forming a trust.

The central government will form in three or four months a scheme to establish a trust. They will make the necessary arrangements for the management of trust and the construction of the temple, said the president of the court, Ranjan Gogoi, while reading the verdict.

He said that possession of the inner and outer courtyard will be handed over to the trust. The appropriate plot of land measuring five acres will be delivered to the Sunni Waqf Board, the main court said.