UP cops use canes instead of horses for riot drills, the video goes viral

AGRA: In a strange riot drill that spread widely on social media on Friday, police were seen using their regular batons to ride fictional horses to scare off a violent mafia. For many, it reminded them of the popular Hollywood The Harry Potter movie series and his Hogwarts school broom that was used to fly.

A video of the incident was filmed in the parade ground of the Firozabad police line as part of a riot drill before the verdict. In the video, a group of police officers were found using canes as fictional horses and were riding them during a mock scattering drill.

The video went viral. Soon Internet users posted their comments and some even said that the police will play with the locals. While another Twitter user said: ... the magic staff of the cops.

In fact, the local police had to present a written explanation in their official Twitter identifier, stating: “During a riot control drill, police teams have training to deal with the rebels and rebels. In training, the third team is police units mounted on horses. Due to the absence of horse-drawn police officers in the district, police action has become a symbolic exercise by agents.

Speaking to TOI, Prabal Pratap Singh, the police superintendent (city), said: The police drill is not something to make fun of, we have set parameters and standards to follow and practice in the exercise of riot control. The police were made to use a cane as fictional horses, so that they can memorize and instill what tactics they have to imply when the situation is real. A demand was made for 10 horses for the control of disturbances to the higher authorities.

“Everything has been divided into 12 zones and 52 sectors. Sensitive areas have been identified and meetings are being held with local stakeholders and residents at the local level to create a sense of trust and a peaceful environment. The antisocial elements will be treated with force, ”he added.

On video: