After four years of hectic work, Donal Bisht in a vacation mode

After working for four years in different shows, Donal Bisht He has decided to take a short break from work. The actress, best known for her shows as' Dil Toh happy Hai Ji ' & ' Roop-Mard Ka Naya Swaroop ' visited his home in Delhi on Diwali . She says it was after years that she was able to spend a few days with her family. “I am on vacation right now and I think it was very necessary after four years of doing consecutive television programs. I went to Mumbai from Delhi when I had already packed a show, ' Kalash ' , so I didn't have to spend time looking for work there. After ' Kalash ' , the offers kept coming. I didn't realize when there were four years of continuous work. This time I decided that I need to pause to relax and then find a job that is different from what I've been doing, he says.

The actress tells us how coming home on festival, or eating what she wanted to was a big deal while she was working for daily soaps. “Ever since I moved to Mumbai, I wanted to celebrate all the festivals with my family in Delhi. I had to work really hard to get a day off from shoot. I would put in extra hours, so that I could travel for one day. As I am not working on any TV show currently, it was after years that I celebrated a relaxed Diwali at home. I am a foodie but I would literally starve myself while shooting. When you are working in a daily soap, you cannot afford to have everything that you love as it shows on your face. I was always like, ‘Yeh show kab khatam hoga, And when can I eat my favorite food? These days I am swallowing food (laughs), says Donal, who plans to go on vacation with his family.