Kashmir shadow over Kartarpur as Qureshi alleges human rights violations

LAHORE: The recent fight for J&kseemedtoloomovertheinaugurationofthekartarpurcorridorwithpakistanforeignministershahmahmoodqureshiraisedtheissueinaninteractionwithindianjournalists.qureshisaidthesituationafterindia'sdecisiontorevokethespecialstatuswasterrifying,asithadputtwocountrieswithnuclearweaponsfacetoface.


whentoiaskedhimhowwasindia's decision different from Pakistan 's actions in the past in PoK, including its decisions to abolish state subject rule in Gilgit-Baltistan and to implement federal laws there, Qureshi said India should not overlook the UNSC resolutions and that Pakistan was protesting the "designed demographic change" by India in JnK.

I don't want to go into constitutional technicalities, but what the people of Kashmir are questioning is this change of status. India committed itself to UNSC resolutions, adding that India had revoked biateralism as provided in the Simla Agreement with its unilateral and illegal action of August 5.

Qureshi said though that Kashmir was not going to come in the way of its Kartarpur initiative. He also insisted Pakistan had "no sinister design" in opening the corridor.

The Foreign Minister, however, accused India of acting in Kartarpur only reluctantly. Once again, he ruled out any bilateral commitment to India saying that it was not possible to have a meaningful dialogue in these circumstances.