Bling in! See how hair accessories are attracting attention this season

Do you think the ornaments are intended only for your outfits? Maybe not. From Bollywood divas to fashionistas, everyone flaunts their hair accessories this season. Headbands and hair clips are now adorned with imitation pearls, crystals, rhinestones, silver beads, sequins and so on. These can not only improve your playing style, but also elevate your mood. “Headbands that are wider around the crown or those that come with a pearl-adorned bow are trending now. These can go very well with your western outfits, ”says celebrity designer and stylist Laxmi Krishna. Celebrities like Deepika Padukone and Lilly Singh wear this look, while it is becoming a fashion runway favorite.

Do you already have your hair candy?

“Hair bands or embellished hair clips are like candy for hair that can bring a fun factor to your personality. The biggest point in favor of hair accessories is that they can complement any hairstyle or clothing. Headbands and hair clips are also a great way to keep hair in place. So why not do that in style? ”Says Laxmi.

Now is the time to go retro

“You can choose your hair accessories according to the outfit you want to put on. Be it a jumpsuit with bare shoulders, a high neck top, vintage shirts, flared high waist pants or your little black dress, hair accessories are available for all kinds of occasions and clothing. And with the retro look making a great comeback this season, you just can't say no to this vintage fashion favorite, says stylist Nirjal Basnet. It all depends on your personality and how confidently you carry it. You can go cute or glamorous or even punk, with the headband style you choose, he adds.

Style tips to keep in mind

According to the stylists, adopting this aspect is not space science, but some things have to be taken into account. If you wear a striking outfit, choose a headband that is simple and subtle and does not dominate your outfit. Color coordination is another important aspect. Be sure to contrast it well with your outfit. And if you want to combine your hair accessory with your outfit, make sure the details complement each other. Most importantly, be confident and own the style you have, says Laxmi.