Ayodhya case: UP police social media cell is on alert before SC verdict

AGRA: Without sparing any effort to suppress publications on social networks, which can trigger the situation of law and order, disrupting community harmony after the Supreme Court verdict in the case of Ayodhya on Saturday, Friday the director Uttar Pradesh police general said: We have made arrangements. and if required, Internet services will be suspended to avoid any unprecedented incident.

Interacting with journalists in Agra , said the police chief, “the UP police social media cell is very robust and active at all levels of district police. The district police chief and the state police headquarters are learning about inflammatory and derogatory posts on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and other social media platforms. In the past, FIRs had submitted for social media posts that damaged the feelings of the masses in general. Surveillance is carried out against antisocial elements.

“Our social media cells are keeping constant tab on 673 people active on internet whose post or comments can trigger unprecedented act. Our teams have identified potential threat, hotspot at district, police station and locality level. We have also identified 31 sensitive districts such as Agra, Aligarh, Meerut, Moradabad, Lucknow, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Gorakhpur and others to maintain rule of law. Section 144 has been implemented in the entire state, ”he said.

DGP also stated: As precautionary measures, nine districts share a border with Nepal They have been alert to avoid any type of infiltration that could affect the tranquility of the state. Terrorist financing and sleeping modules have been eliminated. Temporary prisons have been erected in each district to arrest people as precautionary measures to avoid any type of conflict.

When asked, what discussion he and Chief Secretary RK Tiwari had in the Supreme Court, DGP said: We have a fruitful discussion, but we cannot disclose the content.

He added: UP witnesses 70,000 religious processions every year and the last two years have passed without any community tension. We hope, with our strengthened preparation for Judgment Day, the state will see peace and tranquility and the rule of law will prevail.

According to DGP UP, special arrangements have been made for the Ayodhya district and a permanent ADG level officer has been published who is coordinating with the SP, DM and the local commissioner to keep the situation constant. In addition to the paramilitary forces, PAC, civil police, river police, firefighters, ATS, STF, RAF will also be deployed in Ayodhya.

The state government also received help from the central government and 40 additional companies of paramilitary forces and other forces were provided to maintain law and order.