After Ayodhya's verdict, Jamiat wants to ban social networks

GUWAHATI: The (ASJU), a socio-religious body headed by parliamentarian Lok Sabha, has asked the state government to impose a temporary ban on social networks to avoid community tension after the final verdict of the Supreme Court in the case of land dispute.

“The government should seriously think about banning social networks for at least four or five days after the verdict or maybe for more days depending on the situation. If the government considers it necessary, it can also enforce the ban a few days before sentencing. We firmly believe that it will help prevent the spread of rumors and will stop vitiating the situation through communally charged comments, said ASJU secretary Maulana Fazlul Karim Quasimi.

He added that no one should be allowed to create law and order problems after the verdict is issued.

“Whatever the verdict issued by the Supreme Court, we have to accept it. in particular and India in general is a melting pot of various religions, communities and cultures. We, as citizens of the country, respect the verdict of the supreme court. No one should be allowed to vitiate the atmosphere through inflammatory and communally charged comments, particularly on social networks, said Ajmal, who is also the head of All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF).

Quasimi said the government should also monitor both the Hindu and Muslim fanatic forces to avoid fostering community tension after the verdict.

“We have to keep the peace at all costs. Community forces should not be able to use the verdict to create problems. Both Muslim forces and fans should avoid creating distrust, which would lead to a community situation. The government should do everything possible to contain these forces. We have the utmost respect for the judiciary, Quasimi said.

Violence broke out in different districts of the state following the Babri Masjid demolition in December 1992. At least 68 people were feared killed in different parts of the state during the violence.