Kasautii Zindagii Kay Update, November 8: Anurag feels connected to Prerna

The episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay Start with everyone at Prerna's office preparing to welcome their new boss, Anurag Basu . While Prerna Cribs about this is how we welcome someone? While she keeps talking, Anurag enters the office and becomes mom.

Firstly, Prerna gets shocked to see Anurag as her new boss and holds the garland to put around his neck. Anurag strangely feels connected to her and there is a constant smile on Anurag's face. Later, he thinks to himself that why was she constantly staring at him. Then he assumes that maybe she would have been one of his fans from their college days. He asks her what is her position here and Prerna tells that she is the secretary of this company and it's her first day. Anurag shares that it is his first day too, and tells Prerna that he wants to take the company notches higher.

He asks Prerna to hand him a file, which falls down and the papers are scattered all around. Anurag and she bend down together to pick up the papers and Prerna falls in his arms. Again, Anurag feels some connection with her, and gets some hazy illusions of them being together in the past.

Anurag then tells Prerna that she is very weird and talks non-stop, and after their cute banter, Prerna thinks about how they used to fight like this earlier. Anurag then calls Nivedita to ask him to get a file to office. Sonalika intervenes and insists that she take the file to the office to meet Anurag.

In the meeting room, Prerna 's saree gets stuck in the door and Anurag helps her, instead the saree tears. I have apologized to her and Sonalika sees them together.