You won't let the nation forget demonetization, Modi Tughlaqi Blunder: Sonia Gandhi

NEW DELHI: On the third anniversary of the decision of the Modi government, the president of Congress Sonia Gandhi He accused the kidnappers of livelihoods and said that Congress will not allow India to forget or forgive Tughlaqi's mistake.

Gandhi also said that the prime minister and his colleagues were never responsible for the misstep that claimed more than 120 lives and resulted in a death sentence for medium and small businesses in India.

No matter how much the Modi government can try and evade responsibility for this ridiculous and myopic measure, the nation and its people will ensure that they are responsible, Gandhi said in a statement.

“The prime minister and his colleagues have stopped talking about demonetization since 2017, hoping that the nation will forget. Unfortunately for them, Congress will ensure that neither the nation nor history forgive or forget. Because unlike the BJP, we serve in the national interest, ”he added.

She said that three years later, demonetization is perhaps the most appropriate metaphor for the poorly conceived governance model of the BJP.

Referring to demonetization as a spectacular failure, Gandhi also said the decision was an absurd measure fueled by false propaganda, which caused incalculable damage to innocent and confident compatriots.

This, in a nutshell, is a summary of Modi's government's approach to governance, he said, adding that demonetization could not fulfill all the things it had promised to do and that it was only marked by changes in objectives and narratives .