Needs unity of thought, action: Manmohan Singh

CHANDIGARH: former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh Here, on Friday, he stressed the need for unity of thought and action, saying that it was now required more than ever.

More than any other period in human history, the need for unity of thought and action today is the most urgent, said the former prime minister speaking on the closing day of an international conference on Guru Nanak Dev by the Center for Research in Rural and Industrial Development (CRRID) here.

When the world is dividing into fragments, and the fragments collide with the fragments, renouncing all sense and purpose of living for humanity in general, it is humanity that seeks transcendence from narrow limits and limits, Singh said.

In saying that today's world was beset by violence and rejection, the former prime minister said that humanity needed to help people expelled from their land and home.

We are listening to the cry of the refugees and their children in the Middle East, we are hearing the cry of the private and those of the abandoned by the unjust social and economic order, he said.

The former prime minister also called for an alternative model of society based on truth, gender equality, environmental protection and universal responsibility due to the serious challenges posed by the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources, the growing arms race, the continued exploitation of the poor by the poor. rich and growing environmental degradation.

For a lasting peace in the turbulent world we live in, let me conclude by offering a prayer of: This world is burning, O Lord, show your mercy, your grace and save it by any door you can, said Singh.

Earlier, speaking on the Sikhism founder he said, Guru Nanak Dev ji's hymns contained in the Guru Granth Sahib show that India at that time was passing through a period of civilisational conflict.

Fortunately, wise men and women of different religions united for the cause of peace and love, which resulted in the formation of the Bhakti and, he added.

Singh said that both movements emphasized transcending narrow boundaries created in the name of caste, color, creed and preached love, peace and devotion to God.

He said Guru Nanak showed his concern for the poor and needy at an early age when his father gave him 20 rupees for a profitable business.

Instead, he bought food for the hungry sadhus and began the institution of langar (free community kitchen), where everyone was served food without distinction between high and low, he said.

Speaking on the stay of the Guru at Sultanpur Lodhi, where he got enlightenment on the banks of the Kali Bein, Manmohan Singh said, It is important to note that the first words the Guru uttered after his enlightenment were 'na koi Hindu, na Koi Musalman ', clearly indicating that his mission was to unite humanity.

The former prime minister said that the teachings of the Guru could be summed up in three Punjabi words: naam japna, kirat karna and wand chhakna (meditation, hard and honest work, and sharing the fruits of one's earnings with others).

Former Union Minister and veteran leader of BJP Murli Manohar Joshi and the executive vice president of CRRID, Rashpal Malhotra, also spoke on the occasion.