Multi-layer security fixes in place in Ayodhya

AYODHYA: Multi-layered security arrangements have been implemented in the city of Ayodhya temple with drones that are used to monitor the situation before the sentence of the apex court in the case of Ramjanmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute.

Whether in the area near the Ramjanmabhoomi police station, Karyashala de Nyas or other parts of the city, police officers could be seen checking two-wheelers.

Developing security arrangements, the Additional General Director of Police (Law and Order) PV Ramasastry told PTI: Adequate forces have been provided to Ayodhya and all sensitive districts of the state to a large extent. The force has been strengthened sufficiently in terms of CAPF and PAC companies.

He said that not only had their number increased, but the efficiency of the forces deployed over the past two months had also been improved by giving them better equipment and training.

In addition to this, senior officials were also involved in the planning, he said. When asked if the drone cameras will be used for monitoring purposes, Ramasastry said: The drone cameras are being used in the preparatory phase so that the deployment of forces can be planned correctly.

He said drone cameras would also be used to closely monitor vulnerable points and rooftops to prevent stone buildup.

In recent months, efforts have been made to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of security personnel, he said.

When asked about the possibility of deploying the NSG, the ADG said: There are none. The NSG is available in its bases for any eventuality. We have deployed ATS units, bomb diffusion squads, tamper kits and rapid response teams.

He reported that for more than a month, the police had been trying to build trust among people.

Emphasis was placed on confidence-building measures, he said, adding that the police had undertaken patrols and different sectors of society, whether dharma gurus, merchants or academics had been contacted.

The basic objective of the scope is to instill a feeling of security, he said.

Speaking about security arrangements, ADG (Prosecutor) Ashutosh Pandey said: Sixty companies from the CAP and paramilitary forces have been deployed. Up to 10 drone and CCTV cameras have been installed at 30 crossings.

Pandey said the barricades at the site of the makeshift temple had been strengthened.

The entire city had been divided into 31 sectors and 35 subsectors, he said, adding that if there was an increase in visitors, a waiting area had been carved outside the city so people could be sent. lots for Lord Ram's darshan.

Pandey said it was not forbidden for devotees to come to Ayodhya.

The prime minister had previously said that two helicopters would be on hold in Lucknow and Ayodhya as part of the security arrangements.

Adityanath conveyed this during a night videoconference with the main civil and police officials of the state.

The helicopters would be used in an emergency, an official said.

An official statement later said the prime minister reviewed the situation of law and order in each district and gave the necessary instructions to ensure normalcy.

It was also decided that a state-level control room will be established in Lucknow.

Each district would have a control room, according to the statement. Adityanath warned that strict measures would be taken against those trying to alter law and order.

The higher court is likely to issue its verdict on the claim for Ayodhya's title before November 17.