Engine fire is suspected, Air India flight lands emergency in Raipur

NEW DELHI: An Air India flight flying from Bhubaneswar to Mumbai on Friday night with more than 180 people on board was diverted to Raipur after a problem with the engine.

According to sources, the cabin crew on the flight suspected they had seen fire in an engine after which the pilots made a safe emergency landing in Raipur. Passengers were quickly and safely evacuated from the plane on the runway when it stopped.

Sources investigating this incident said: “An Airbus A321 operating as AI-670 was diverted to Raipur due to the suspected engine fire seen by the flight cabin crew. The plane landed safely and emergency evacuations as carried out on the runway.

AI spokesman Dhananjay Kumar said: “AI 670 declared an emergency and landed in Raipur due to some technical problems. The 182 passengers are safe and (have) disembarked. The flight had taken off at 5.06 pm from Bhubaneswar. More research is being carried out.