Surveen Chawla made sure she was in an emotionally healthy place during her pregnancy.

New mother Surveen Chawla She is enjoying motherhood. the Actress who has been working diligently to make sure he stays healthy after delivery wants to encourage other mothers to do the same. In a recent interview, the Bollywood Actress said that she practised yoga and took to cardiovascular activity. On some days, she did both on the same day. She also ensured that she ate home-cooked food and ate small portions every two hours. During her pregnancy, she had put on 18 kilos, but six months after welcoming her baby, she only has five more kilos to lose.

Surveen was aware of postpartum depression . In the interview, he said that since it is expressive, he could let off steam. He also expressed happiness for being with a couple who shares everything with her. Surveen believes that one should not have to repress. She opined that depression starts from a single instance, but it becomes a major problem. During her pregnancy, she remained in an emotionally healthy place. He admitted that there were days when his emotions were everywhere, but he did everything possible to stay focused and share his feelings with his partner. After her pregnancy, she depended on vegetables, eggs and nachni rotis to regain her form.