The Reagan statue is dedicated in Berlin to mark the fall of the Wall

BERLIN (AP) - The US embassy UU. In Berlin, he was presenting a statue of Ronald Reagan on Friday, at a site with a view to the location of the former president's iconic speech imploring the Soviet Union to eliminate the Berlin Wall. The largest statue that life is being installed on the terrace of the embassy, ​​at eye level with the iconic Brandenburg Gate in the center of Berlin. The Secretary of State of the United States, Mike Pompeo, as guest of honor. On Saturday, 30 years have elapsed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The door, on the side of the East German Wall, was the backdrop for Reagan's speech in 1987 when he challenged Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to go further with the reforms he was instituting. Reagan implored him: If you seek liberalization, come to this door. Mr. Gorbachev, open this door. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas recently criticized nationally and internationally for not mentioning Reagan, or any other American, in an opinion article published in 26 European newspapers focusing on the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of communism Dear Minister Maas, on behalf of the late President Reagan, whom he does not mention, and the millions of American soldiers who served in West Germany along with his other NATO allies, you're welcome, former commander of the United States Army in Europe, The Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges wrote on Twitter. Maas sought to calm criticism on Thursday at an event with Pompeo, saying we owe you our freedom and unity to a decisive degree, while highlighting the contributions of Reagan and former President George H.W. Bush. The US ambassador, Richard Grenell, earlier this year inaugurated a multimedia exhibition on the same terrace that focuses on Reagan's speech at the Brandenburg Gate, and said the statue was a tribute to a president whose will Defending people who seek greater freedom around the world remains an inspiration to Germans today. , Americans and all human beings. As a Californian, I am personally proud to have our former governor and president of the United States at the top of the embassy, ​​reminding visitors of the United States' commitment to democracy and freedom, he told The Associated Press. Several US presidents visited Berlin during the Cold War to express their solidarity with those in the democratic west of the city that was divided by the Wall from August 13, 1961 until November 9, 1989. Perhaps the best known speech delivered by an American president came in 1963, when John F. Kennedy appeared in the city hall of West Berlin. He told the gathered thousands: All free men, wherever they live, are citizens of Berlin and, therefore, as a free man, Ichbin ein Berliner are proud of the words. Today a plaque marks that location and the square has been renamed John F. Kennedy Platz. The site of Reagan's speech is marked with an information signal, and the legislator who heads the state committee in charge of the monuments in Berlin, Sabine Bangert, rejected some of the suggestion that Reagan had been given little importance. The contributions of US presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan to Berlin, as well as to German unity, are well known in Berlin, he told the AP. Kennedy's speech ... Ich bin ein Berliner and Ronald Reagan's memorable phrase in Berlin in 1987, Mr. Gorbachev brought down this wall, as well as Barack Obama's speech at the Brandenburg Gate in 2016, are in all of our memories . This story has not been edited by The Times of India and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe. (This story has not been edited by and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe.)