The director of Alliyambal, Shiju Aroor, is sincere about the shots during the floods and the closure of the program amid criticism

' Alliyambal 'Exhibiting Alli and Devan's romantic love story is ready to get off the air. Even if fans are upset about the sudden conclusion of the popular show, the show's director Shiju Aroor He is happy with the love that his dream project has reaped in all areas.

Speaking exclusively with, the director shared his turbulent experience of shooting during the recent floods in Kerala and also spoke about the magic of the popular jodi Alli and Devan and the criticism he received for the sudden conclusion of the program.

They are cursing me for killing the show but I take it as the success of the show, says Shiju Aroor.

When asked about the next climax of the program, the director promised that there will be an unexpected turn that will surely entertain the fans of Alli and Devan.

Undoubtedly, one of the most desirable factors of 'Alliyambal' was sizzling on-screen chemistry of the lead actors Jai Dhanush & Pallavi Gowda . When asked about the cast of two actors who are not from Malayali but were successful in a short time, the director praised his main partner.

"While she is a Kannada actress, he is a Telugu actor. Initially it was tough to communicate with them. I started to communicate with hand gestures & later they followed my style. The two talented actors supported me well & it made really easy for me to shoot in the most beautiful way," he adds.

Besides the lead actors, another cynosure of the show was the serene beauty of Kuttanadu. Each frame in the show was filled with the natural beauty of paddy fields & backwaters which was surely one of the major reasons behind the huge fan following.

But Shiju recounted the experience shooting in Kuttunadu in the midst of the floods that has wreaked havoc in the serene & scenic village last year.

"The world got to know about two major floods in Kerala but our team (Team Alliyambal ) witnessed four floods in Kuttunadu. We had witnessed the struggles of families cooking food in a boat jetty. The team had carried luggage & other shooting equipment for kilometers together during the floods," the director recollects.

Shiju recalled that he was disconsolate to see the rice fields in which they fired during the first schedule that had been transformed into a pond full of water at the following time during the floods.

Despite the difficulties, the director is very happy that the show has been accepted by the spectators.

Just like the title 'Alliyambal' (Water Lily), the beautiful flower that blooms in the middle of a pond filled with slush, the show had also undergone struggles, but now I am happy that I could wrap the show by giving the viewers a visual beauty just like the 'Aambal Kaalam (water lily bloom)' we had in Kerala recently, the director concludes on a happy note.