20-year-old girl from the United States disappeared in Goa

PANAJI: 20 year old girl U.S He disappeared from a hostel in Anjuna on Thursday morning.

Speaking to the station in charge of TOI, he said the girl arrived in Goa on October 24 directly from the US. UU. And since then he just stayed there. She had traveled to Goa, Gawas said and added that she was staying at a hostel in Anjuna.

Gawas said he had his flight back to the US. UU. Thursday at 2 p.m. and around 9 a.m., the taxi was supposed to pick it up.

Police said the hostel staff was in contact with the mother of the missing girl. When the person at the shelter went to wake her around 8 am, she was not in the hostel room.

Gawas said that in the video of the closed circuit television it was discovered that he had left the shelter around 5 in the morning. His mother was immediately informed by the hostel staff.

According to police, Elizabeth's mother contacted the US embassy and later. Based on your complaint, we have filed a lost case. We have found that she has voluntarily left the shelter and the investigation is in progress, said Suraj Gawas