The PDPU technology festival begins with an explosion

The annual Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University Science and Technology Festival, Tesseract, opened today at the university. The three-day festival will end on November 10. The theme of this year's festival is Science Fiction: turning imagination into reality.

The festival offers a platform to curious minds to present their ideas and explore new horizons. The festival will consist of more than 35 events, including two national events and three invited conferences on robotics, contest competitions, coding, as well as several exhibitions, workshops and much more.


The highlights for this year's festival are: Aerosweep- Indian Drone Racing Competition (IDRL), Tesseract Open 2019 - National level cube resolution competition in collaboration with World Cube Association, Alexa Workshop, Tess-Runn, a marathon organized every year in support of a social cause and Tech Carnival. There is no better way to finish the three-day Tech-Fest than to dance to the rhythm of Ritviz's electrifying rhythms, which will perform at the university on the last day of the festival.