Piyush Mishra: today's generation is not ready to adapt in marriage

Today's generation is not willing to adapt in life, which has led to an increasing number of broken marriages, feels actor-poet Piyush Mishra .

Today's generation is not ready for adjustments. They think that marriage is normal, but marriage is about adjustments. Marriage is about committing to each other, and establishing oneself with each other. Today, marriages are only treated as adventures, where getting married and divorcing is easy for everyone. But, in a marriage, it is important to adjust whether they agree or not, he said.

Mishra's latest short film, Katran, sheds light on a couple's decadent marriage. The story focuses on a crumbling relationship of an elderly couple. They decide to end 36 years of marriage, but they realize that in the dark corners of their house there are still small pieces of love that will unite them again.

I play an old man in 'Katran'. The movie is about an elderly couple. After 36 years of marriage they realize that they are not happy with each other. Then, they separate and divorce.

Katran marks the debut as director of the writer Prem Singh and also stars Alka Amin . The short film is produced by Shashi Prakash Chopra and co-produced by Dheeraj Jindal has been released by Real deer Barrel Select Large Short Films and is available on social networks.