Pompeo visits Brexit Britain when Iran warns of a nuclear deal

LONDON: American State Secretary Mike Pompeo Great Britain On Wednesday Visited To A Post-Brexit ' Special Relationship ' Like Iran Said It Could Stop Observing Some Parts Of The Nuclear Deal That The United States Withdrew A Year Ago.

Pompeo Came In London After An Unannounced Visit To Iraq, Where He Set Out US Security Concerns In The Midst Of Increasing Iranian Activity.

The US Army Said That On Tuesday B-52 Bombers Would Be Part Of Additional Troops That Would Be Sent To The Middle East To Refute What The Government Of US President Donald Trump Said," Clear Clues." From Threats From Iran To American Troops There.

The Message We Send To The Iranians I Hope Places Us In A Position That We Can Scare Us And The Iranians Will Think Two Times About Attacking US Interests, Pompeo Said, And The American Intelligence Service" Very Specific" Used To Be. About Attacks That Were On Hands

Iran Will Resume High Level Uranium Enrichment If World Powers Don't Protect Her Interests From US Sanctions, President Said Wednesday, In Response To The US Withdrawal From A Nuclear Deal A Year Ago.

In London , Pompeo will meet Prime Minister Theresa May Who Struggles With A Three-Year Political Crisis About The Departure Of The United Kingdom ' S From The European Union. He Will Also Meet Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt.

While Britain Is Trying To Get Out Of The EU After 46 Years Of Membership, A Divorce That Many Diplomats Say Will Have Made Britain Weaker, Pompeo Will Hold A Speech About The So-called Special Relationship With The UK.

Both Trump's Sometimes Unpredictable Presidency Has Put Pressure On Relations Between The World's Leading Power And The UK, Its Most Important European Ally.

Trump Will Make A State Visit To The United Kingdom In June.