The government will consider Assam's interests in signing the Naga pact: Amit Shah to CM Sonowal

NEW DELHI: Union Interior Minister Amit Shah said the Prime Minister on Thursday Sarbananda Sonowal that the Center will take its people into consideration when signing any agreement with the Naga rebel groups to end the insurgency in Nagaland.

Shah said when Sonowal called him here, said a statement issued by the Assam government.

The Interior Minister had a long discussion with the Prime Minister about the proposed Naga Agreement.

Discussions on the problem of decades between the interlocutor of the R N Ravi Center and insurgent groups such as NSCN-IM are not yet over.

During the discussions, the prime minister urged the interior minister to take into consideration the interests of the people of Assam when seeking any agreement, according to the statement.

Shah assured Sonowal that nothing would be done that goes against the interests of the state and its people, according to the statement.

On October 31, the Center said it has not yet concluded talks with the Naga insurgent groups and will consult all interested parties, including the states of Assam, and before finalizing any agreement.

The Ministry of Interior of the Union had said that it had noticed the government that many rumors and misinformation were spreading in the media and social networks that the final Naga agreement had been reached and will be announced soon.

This is creating anxiety and worry in some parts of the country. It is clarified that before reaching an agreement with the Naga groups, all interested parties, including the states of Assam, Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh, will be duly consulted and their concerns will be taken into account. consideration. It is not necessary to give credit to such rumors and incorrect information, he said.

The central government has already rejected the NSCN-IM's demand to unify the inhabited areas of Naga, located in Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. The three northeastern states have also vehemently opposed.

Sonowal also drew the attention of the Minister of the Interior on popular public demand regarding Numaligarh Refinery Limited and sought his cooperation to maintain his status quo as a public sector company.