Lakshmi Baramma Update, November 6: Lakshmi seeks a promise from Siri

In the last episode of Lakshmi Baramma , upon learning that Lakshmi has not yet woken up, Shruthi goes to her room and is surprised to see her missing. Parvathi also accompanies her. They also report the same to family members. As they learn about Lakshmi's absence at home, they start looking for her.

On the other hand, following the priest's words, Lakshmi visits Siri's school and stops seeing the children. She looks for a promise from Siri and asks her to take care of Shruthi and Aadhya. She also advises him to be a good girl.

Noticing that Lakshmi gets excited, the teacher calls Chandhan and informs her about Lakshmi's presence at the school.

Family members heaved a sigh of relief. However, Chandhan cares about Lakshmi and decides to visit the school immediately.

Meanwhile, Ranjith suspects Kumudha and asks about his participation behind Lakshmi's absence in the house. Kumudha fears being caught. However, she manages to give Ranjith a random reason and diverts her attention.

On the contrary, upon learning that Lakshmi has come to school to meet the children, Chandhan and Shruthi run to school. Simultaneously, Lakshmi says goodbye to Siri.

Siri also reports the same to Chandhan and Shruthi when they arrive at school.