Now register your vehicle from any RTO in Rajasthan

JAIPUR: With Rajasthan implementing the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 2019, which allows driver's licenses and vehicle registration from any RTO , there won’t be any requirement for temporary registration of vehicles. Two days ago, the transport department had asked the DTOs and RTO s to follow the provisions.

Rajesh Yadav , secretary and transport commissioner told TOI, “This provision was provided in the MV Act 2019 which was implemented on September 1. However, we realized that many residents would not be aware of this and two days ago we sent out the clarification to the DTOs and RTO s for the same. ”

A person can apply for a new driving license at any of the centers, irrespective of where he/she resides or works. Residents can also register their car/bike anywhere in the state. “Previously, at the time of registration of a vehicle, the owner would be provided temporary registration and then they would have to travel to wherever they resided in the state, to get the permanent registration done. However, with this new provision, temporary registration is not required anymore and permanent registration can be done anywhere, ”added Yadav.

The documentation and process for obtaining driver's licenses and vehicle registration will remain the same as before, including proof of identification and address.

Elaborating further, Yadav said, “The provision is essentially to facilitate the residents when they have to get licenses and registration. Those staying on rent or in other towns due to work and other reasons will now not have to travel to their permanent addresses. ”

The Law stipulates that if you do not renew your driver's license for one year, you must go through the entire process of driving test again. If minors are caught driving, parents will be fined and the vehicle (bicycle or car) will be discharged for one year.