The U Mumba football team takes a break

MUMBAI: Only one year after starting his team with many promises, U Mumba They have put their football plans on hold. The USports owned by Ronnie Screwvala presented a team in the Mumbai District Soccer Association Elite Division last season, and despite having done well (lost in the semifinal), they have chosen not to form a team for this season, which began on Monday.

The CEO of USports, Supratik Sen, told TOI that the reason they started a soccer team in the first place was so that they could compete at the highest possible level in India.

the Football Federation of all India had earlier this year given U Mumba a verbal go-ahead to hold trials for an I-League team, but then told them not to, indicating that they were still trying to solve the problem between the Indian Super League (ISL) and the League.

Look, we had plans of playing in the I-League this season. That's we started a club in Mumbai just to get an experience of running a football club. We tried our best to get a team in the I-League but they weren 't accepting new entries. There's not a lot of clarity on many things in Indian football so we decided to put our plans on hold until there's a definitive future, Sen said.

For a direct entry into the MDFA Elite Division , U Mumba had to pay Rs 11 lakhs. While Sen refuses to give the exact figure, he says they've spent close to Rs 50 lakh in running their team (including age-group teams) last season.

At the end of the day, we have to see what is sustainable. We cannot spend so much money and get nothing in return. As I said before, we want to play in the highest league in the country. At this time it is the ISL and they are currently not open to new entries, Sen said, without ruling out that they may bid for an ISL team in the future.

We will cross the bridge when we reach it. As of now, we have nothing planned. All we want to do is play in the most important league, he said.