Aravind Bolar gets an innovative avatar in his next

Although it is a sandalwood movie , Criminal Thriller directed by Hari Anand Shetty Persecution He is famous for actors from Tulu as part of his cast. One of them is a veteran actor. Aravind Bolar , who appears in a rather interesting avatar in the movie.“Since the movie has a serious tone, in some places, we have tried to break the mood by introducing comic relief. In this particular sequence, Aravind essays the role of Pakshi Raja. In fact, we have tried a funny take on what Akshay Kumar previously tested in 2.0. In that movie , Akshay talks about the harmful effects of radiation, whereas in our movie , Pakshi Raja himself uses various mobile networks for his work. He gets upset if his call goes unanswered,” says Hari. The portion comes during a face-off between Aravind and his protege Arjun Yogesh Raj, and it goes hand-in-hand with the main narration. “Aravind is such a consummate actor that he’s pulled this look off effortlessly,” sums up the director.