Rachita Ram now got romance Prajwal Devaraj

Ram Twig He is literally on a roll juggling multiple movies and a season on television as a comedy show judge. The actress, who is currently working on Ek Love Ya , Daali , April & 100, was recently confirmed as the lead opposite Rishi in an upcoming film, & now comes news of her collaborating with Prajwal Devaraj . Rachita, we hear, will play a collegian & Prajwal’s love interest in his next Veeram , which will probably go on sale in late December or early next year. The film is the directorial debut of Kumar S Raj, known as Khadar Kumar in industry circles, a long-time associate of filmmakers Pavan Wadeyar & Manju Swaraj. “ Veeram is an out-and-out commercial entertainer, in which Prajwal’s character gets involved with rowdyism. As his lady love, Rachita is instrumental in getting him out of those circles,” explains the director.