Tips to deal with the chaos of university life

With the large amount of homework and exams students have, university life can be quite daunting. Jenisha Shah, a psychologist at Mpower-The Center, a mental health organization, gives some advice on how to deal with the chaos of a hectic life on campus ...

Time management is key: Start a diary or a planner or both, to understand your lifestyle. This will help you manage things in a better way and, in fact, will allow you to choose an activity to eliminate stress.

Enjoy activities with your peers after college: This could be endless sessions or draw/paint together. These group activities will also help you start a dialogue with your classmates on various topics. While this cannot replace therapy or clinical help, it will help create a support system on campus.

Try to relax for a while after class: Opt for a relaxing activity that does not involve time in front of the screen. This can be anything that one finds stressful and that is beneficial to general well-being.

Take a break between class hours: Go for a walk in the neighborhood or listen to music. Be open to experience: If an anti-stress method you tried has not proven effective, do not give up. Keep experimenting and exploring until you find the method that works best for you and helps you relax.