Sreejith Vijay will make his Bollywood debut

The last two years Sreejith Vijay He has been exploring different paths as an actor. While he starred in two television series, Avaril Oraal and Swathi Nakshathram Chothi, his latest adventure could be the biggest one so far. The actor is currently filming for a Bollywood movie titled Amar colony , which is directed by Siddharth Chauhan .

On how he got the role, Sreejith tells us: “A few months ago the team contacted me through a casting agency, and I had an audition. After that they offered me the paper.

The movie is a relationship drama filmed completely in Shimla. Later in his plot, Sreejith says: These are three families that live in a brawl. My character and his wife are tenants there, while the other two rooms are occupied by an older lady and her son, and another elderly couple. Sreejith plays Aakarshan , an insurance agent in the movie. He and his pregnant wife Meera share a unique relationship, he says, adding that debutant Nimisha Nair rehearses his wife's character.

On the experience of filming his Bollywood debut, the actor says: “The film is filmed in synchronized sound. There are many monkeys in the area where we are filming and to begin filming, we first have to scare them away. Also, the team has been helping me with the Hindi diction.

Amar colony is expected to wrap up shooting by the third week of November and the makers are planning to send it to film festivals first, says the actor.