I don't have a hero or a song in Aa Drushya

When the Shiva Ganesh directed Aa Drushya In this week, the public will be able to see two shades of actor V Ravichandran, given that the film is released today, with memories of the past. In the film, Ravichandran Play a Police officer , which narrates so far unresolved case . As such, the veteran actor has two different looks, a younger and an older version, which needs the support of a cane. While the narrative is mainly the case of a missing girl , it also delves into how Ravichandran’s character becomes dependent on the crutch. “Aa Drushya is a suspense thriller with an interesting tale, in which I do not have a heroine. I don't even get a duet, ”says the Crazy Star in jest. But considering that his next directorial is also a thriller, one wonders if that is a genre that fascinates him. “It’s not about liking a particular genre, but about changing stories and narratives in tune with today’s trends. And while I am making a thriller, my dream is to make another musical , for which I have been working on putting tunes together in collaboration with a few music directors, ”says Ravichandran.nBut has he seen Aa Drushya? “I have only seen my portions during dubbing. Most filmmakers do not show me the entire film because they fear that I will suggest changes or give them my opinion as a fellow filmmaker. With Aa Drushya, I believe that they have done a good job, because producer K Manju also has a knack of picking stories that are commercially viable, ”says Ravichandran.