Exclusive - I regret the day I helped Shehnaz and allowed him to enter my house: Himanshi Khurana of Bigg Boss 13

One of the jokers of Bigg Boss 13 , Himanshi Khurana has made things difficult for his rival Shehnaz Gill in the house. The two Punjabi actresses hogged the limelight in January this year for their ugly fight on social media and they are now Bigg Boss inmates. Before her entry in the reality show, Himanshi Khurana spoke exclusively to the TimesofIndia.com about the show, her rivalry with Shehnaz and revealed that she is not in BB 13 to find love as she is in a 9 year long relationship.

Shehnaz embarrassed me and made ugly comments about my body type

He criticized my song a lot, with which I have no problem as an artist. I think you should be open to criticism. Later, she started aiming for me. She commented on my appearance, my appearance. She embarrassed me and made ugly comments about my body type when I was overweight. But it was for some reason. I had gained weight because I had two lumps in my body and I had to undergo two surgeries. There were chances of cancer. Me and my family were already going through many things. We were afraid and it was a very emotional phase of my life. But even then I did not return to his comments since my public relations team and my supporters had advised me not to react. The issue was exaggerated by the Punjabi media and thought it was a good way to stay in the news. It was launched with a popular social media platform based in Punjab and said many nasty things. You can't even imagine the kind of things he said. It was unbearable, even available on YouTube.

It was boycotted by the Punjabi industry.

After that episode, people started criticizing her for the bad comments she made. I kept quiet, but the people who love me and my fans gave it back. Then he gave an interview to a publication and again said things against me. Believe me, it was his first and last interview after nobody took it. It was banned by all major publications and media. Internally, people supported and none of the members of the list wanted to work with her. She did not stop even then. She came back to life and said ugly things about my parents and that's when I opened my mouth. As a daughter, I had to talk and I went to live. After that, I never went to live or talked about her. I haven't even known your post that.

I'm sorry I allowed Shehnaz to come into my house

When I first met her, I was crying disconsolately and my makeup artist was the one who met her. I was crying in the streets. I arrived at her house, gave her shelter and food and at that time I didn't even know her. I was surprised when she attacked me. Now, I regret why I even allowed him to enter my house. In fact, he still hasn't stopped even at Bigg Boss's house, which he openly threatened to break my face.

She made fun of Koena Mitra it is seen on national television

If I would have not met and known her personally I would have believed her story and act. I genuinely feel she is putting up an act. I was not at fault when she made cheap comments against me and my family. She did the same thing with Koena Mitra . She made fun of her face on National television. She made fun of her looks despite knowing what Koena has gone through. She very sweetly tries to cover up her mistakes by saying I was joking and was entertaining everyone. But when people have opinions about her why does she take them personally. When someone passes

Comment on her character, she starts to throw and break things. When she is making judgments, commenting on someone, she must also be strong enough to take things for herself. She needs to understand this basic thing that the comments she makes for entertainment or strategy can be a sensitive part of someone's life and that person could have tried many things.

The decision (of plastic surgery) changed Koena's whole life: it is a sensitive issue

He mocked Koena for her appearance as a spectator. I felt I was totally wrong. We are all aware that the decision (of plastic surgery) changed his whole life. How could he make fun of his appearance and face? We are not aware of the difficulties, the number of counseling sessions that Koena must have taken to get out of that phase. We do not know how he must have dealt with the state of depression or what must have motivated him to return or face the camera again. Instead of motivating her, we were making her feel depressed and disgusted with our actions.

I am not in Bigg Boss to find love, since I am in a 9-year relationship.

I am not going inside the Bigg Boss 13 house to find love. I am a bit conservative when it comes to love. I can be a good friend to someone in Bigg Boss, but no love story for me. I am already in a committed relationship since last 9 years. Ek mahine ka mera koi bhi connection can't break my 9 year old long relationship.