Police against lawyers: Delhi police end 11-hour protest

NEW DELHI: The staff finalized their protest of almost 11 hours after the senior officers assured that their complaints will be addressed.

Addressing the protesters, the Special Commissioner of Police (Crime) Satish Golcha urged them to end the agitation and resume duty, while assuring them that a petition for review against the order in relation to a confrontation between police officers and lawyers in the Tis Hazari judicial complex. .

The senior officer said that the injured police officers will receive a former bonus of at least Rs 25,000.

However, officials said the Center appears to be unhappy with the way in which Delhi Police personnel protested in violation of the service's conduct, although sympathetic to their complaints.

The opinion that emerged in the central government following police protests after the confrontation between lawyers and police officers is that the leadership of the Delhi Police did not live up to the occasion to control the situation, which led to a public perception adverse, they said, adding a jolt in the high force command is expected soon.

There may be genuine complaints from the police, but they must be raised through the appropriate channel. We cannot allow a disciplined force to develop a mafia mentality, a senior official explained.

Since the police are under essential services, the duty of such personnel is to provide their service regardless of the conditions. Police protect the law and, therefore, have the greatest responsibility, the official said, referring to similar protests organized in Uttar Pradesh by the police in 1973, which were finally stopped.

On the other hand, lawyers are court officials and have to maintain professional conduct and cannot develop the mentality of the mafia, said another official, referring to lawyers allegedly involved in violence in Tis Hazari court.

There is a possibility that action will be taken against those who violated the law and the rules of both sides, lawyers and police, said the official.

the unprecedented protests They were caused by two attacks against their colleagues, one on Monday and one on Saturday after a parking dispute between a police officer on duty and a lawyer who caused the injury of at least 20 security personnel and several defenders.

Two FIRs were registered against a lawyer, who was seen in a video hitting a uniformed policeman on a motorcycle with his elbow and slapping him outside the Saket district court.

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