The 'magic mahua tree' within the Satpura Tiger Reserve attracts thousands of visitors

BHOPAL: An adult mahua tree - in the Satpura Tiger Teserve (STR) located in the Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve is attracting thousands of people. Every day, more than 10,000 people visit the park's buffer zone. People believe that miracles happen if they touch the tree and it also helps to recover from diseases.

The tiger reserve located in the Hoshangabad district covers an area of ​​524 square km in the Satpura range. The park along with the adjacent wildlife sanctuaries Bori and Pachmarhi offers 2,200 squares of unique highland ecosystems in central India.

After the discovery of the mahua tree, visitors have begun bidding and lighting incense sticks. Thousands of hollow trash shells around the jungle due to this.

Facing a difficult time to handle the large crowd within the tiger reserve, the forestry department is seeking help from the police and there seems to be no coordination between state forest department officials and the police.

The news began to run during the Navratra last month on social networks about the magical mahua tree in the tiger reserve. Soon people began to visit the jungle patch. As the messages became viral, the number of people began to increase. The local unit of the Gondwana Gantantra (GGP) party in Nayagaon de Pipariya also placed banners and urged people to place a bid visiting the forest.

Improvised stores have emerged just outside the buffer zone where the tree is located. People have started selling coconut, incense sticks, candy and garlands to offer the tree, said AS Shukla, deputy director of STR.