Dilip Vengsarkar praises the day/night tests, says fans will pass it

MUMBAI: former captain Dilip Vengsarkar On Tuesday he praised the concept of day/night tests in India, calling it a good initiative that will bring the crowd back to the longer format of the game.

It's good (Day Night Test), we'll have to wait and see how it goes at the end of the day. Of course, there will be dew factor. So I don't know how it will work, but I hope it goes well because it's good for test cricket. We needed these changes for people to look again Cricket test Vengsarkar told reporters.

India will play its first match Day/night test match against Bangladesh in Calcutta later this month.

Asked whether dew will be a factor, Vengsarkar said, "We will come to know only after the Test match, but it is good to start something. We saw in Australia how huge a success it was, so I am sure people of India will also lap it up. It is the way to revive Cricket test and get the crowds in."

Former left arm spinner from India Dilip Doshi also hailed the concept of Day/night test s but said a spinner should not change the basics.

You don't have to think about anything other than getting used to the ball, practicing with the pink ball and concentrating on spinning, you can't worry about factors beyond your control. A single ball, whether white, pink or red shouldn't change your focus. The basics should never change for you as a spinner, Doshi said.

Praising the concept of Day/night test s, he said, "It is going to bring the crowd back, because everything needs to be marketed well today. Cricket test should not die because if Cricket test is dead, cricket will be dead. Cricket test is the proper diet without which you can't survive."

He blamed the T20s that batters couldn't act in other countries.

"There is so much of T20 that the mindset is also being transferred into Cricket test . So the same people who are playing T20 when they play Cricket test lose their footwork. I don't see Dravids, Gangulys, Laxmans, Tendulkars, Sehwags anymore," he said.

Most of the current hitters no longer work in the footwork, today many batters use the speed of the bat and the speed of the arm to make the ball disappear and that has become the norm in international cricket, it is That is why most teams are good at home and do not win abroad.

Today there are great strikers on the ball but not necessarily great hitters, Doshi said during the program.