Kahaan Hum update Kahaan Tum, November 5: Naren gives Sonakshi preparation documents

The last episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum It begins with Suman asking for help from Rohit's mother. She says that the Sonakshi CA made some mistake in her accounts and hoped she could get the contact number of the Sippy CA.

Rohit's mother asks him why he needs his AC number. Suman says it will be better if his AC handles Sonaksh's affairs. Sukhmani, after hearing Suman's request, says he believes it is better if the accounts are kept separate.

Suman thinks that once he gets his AC number, he will discover how many properties he has Rohit own.

Ajit asks Rohit that why did he drink so much last night that he didn’t even realize that someone applied Henna on his hands. Rohit says that he doesn’t know how all of this happened.

Pooja tells him Sonakshi how in the night she went in the boy's room with the Henna artist which Sonakshi sent.

Sonakshi calls Rohit in the morning and asks him to come home as she wants to show him her Henna design. Rohit makes an excuse saying that he has to go to the hospital as he didn’t want Sonakshi to see his Henna.

On the other hand, Mahesh’s obsession with Sonakshi gets stronger. He gets himself a tattoo of Parvarti on his chest.

Sonakshi meet Raima and asks her if she is still upset with what happened on the night of the Sangeet. Sonakshi says that she wanted to apologize to her since then but didn’t get the opportunity.

Naren in anger tells Rohit ’s mother and Sukhmani that Suman met their CA to ask how much property Rohit owns.

Naren tells them that he will have to get the Prenup agreement signed by Sonakshi as he does not trust Suman.

Naren goes to meet Sonakshi and asks her to sign the Prenup agreement. This leaves Sonakshi shocked.