Government will facilitate the import of onion from Iran, Egypt, Turkey; to relax the fumigation rules

New Delhi, November 5 () As retail onion prices soared to Rs 80/kg, the Center said Tuesday that it will relax the fumigation standards and facilitate the import of the key staple food from Afghanistan's cuisine, Egypt, Turkey and Iran to increase domestic supply. .

A decision was made in this regard at the meeting of an interministerial committee, headed by the Secretary of Consumer Affairs, Avinash K Srivastava, who reviewed the prices and availability of onions in the country.

Onion prices have remained high in most retail markets in Delhi and other consuming states for more than a month due to the interruption of supply following heavy rains in major growing states such as Maharasthra.

According to data maintained by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the retail price of onion in Delhi was priced at Rs 80/kg on Tuesday, while at Rs 70/kg in Chennai and Kolkata and Rs 50/kg in Chennai.

It is expected that (the offer) will improve in the coming days ... The Union government will act as a facilitator for the import of onion. The phytosanitary and fumigation requirement will be adequately liberalized to facilitate imports, said a statement issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Ministry.

Indian missions will be requested in Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey and Iran to facilitate the supply of onions to India. This is expected to facilitate the immediate import of 80 containers and the diversion of 100 containers offshore to India, the ministry said.

When preparing, a senior official of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs said that Indian missions in these countries will discuss with private traders and see if imports can be facilitated.

Currently, imported onions are allowed in the country after the product is fumigated with methyl bromide and is certified by the exporting country. Importers must pay large sums if they are fumigated in Indian ports. This provision will be liberalized, he said.

To further improve availability in the national capital, NAFED, an agricultural cooperative, has been directed to supply the maximum possible quantities of onion to the government of Delhi, as well as to Mother Dairy, administered by the state.

Nafed officials were asked to visit the Nashik region in Maharasthra, where onion is grown, to assess the situation there and facilitate movement of supplies to consuming regions, including Delhi and adjacent areas, the ministry said.

In addition, two interministerial teams will be sent from November 6 to 7 to Karnataka and Rajasthan to take inventory of onion supplies and encourage supplies to consuming regions, including Delhi-NCR, he added.

The Delhi government has also been advised to accompany the interministerial team of officials visiting Karnataka and Rajasthan.

They were also advised to meet with merchants and encourage them to pick up available supplies in the region. They can also discourage traders from speculation and speculation, the statement said.

The Rajasthan government has already secured a rapid movement of onion stocks. The harvest in the state has already begun in some areas, he added. Onion prices have not cooled despite government measures, including the sale of central intermediate stocks at a cheaper rate of Rs 24.90/kg in Delhi-NCR through 400 Safal points of sale of State Mother Dairy . Buffer onion is also being supplied to other states as well. LUX MKJ