Police in the streets show the failure of Shah's leadership, 'new minimum' for the country: Congress

NEW DELHI: Police protest on the roads of Delhi is a new minimum for India since Independence and shows the failure of the Interior Minister's leadership, Amit Shah, Congress said Tuesday alleging that law and order have Collapsed in the national capital.

Thousands of police protested in front of police headquarters on Tuesday to demand action against those involved in an attack on their colleague outside Saket court on Saturday.

The main spokesman of the Congress, Randeep Singh Surjewala, affirmed that this is the first time that such an atmosphere prevails in the country where the headquarters of the police have met.

Law and order have collapsed in Delhi, he said, asking why Shah was in hibernation and without addressing the issue.

In a tweet, Surjewala said a new minimum in 72 years: police protest in the National Capital of Delhi. Is this the New India of BJP? Where will BJP take the country? Where is India HM, Sh. Amit Shah said.

This is the example of the total failure of the leadership of Shah and the BJP, Surejewala told reporters.

Is this the new India that the BJP promised? When will this matter end? He asked, adding that a studied and conspiratorial silence will not work and the Interior Minister cannot hide.

Police personnel have been protesting for more than 10 hours in front of the headquarters and their relatives in India Gate, but the Interior Minister remains silent, said the leader of Congress.

Interior Minister Amit Shah is still 'mom' while her MoS eliminates the tweet. Absolute failure of leadership, Surejwala said on Twitter.

The Delhi police are not controlled by the lieutenant governor of Delhi. Interior Minister Amit Shah is directly in charge of the Delhi police. Why is HM missing in action? Why not propose to restore law and order and address Why HM is in hibernation, he asked.

Surejwala said that the Delhi Police are directly under the charge of the Ministry of Interior.

On the one hand, lawyers are being shot and beaten and, on the other, the police are being beaten, he said.

Who will protect the citizens of Delhi ... where is the interior minister? Please come and tell us how you want to make sure that law and order are maintained in Delhi, Surejwala said.

In the incident on Saturday, at least 20 policemen and several lawyers were injured while many vehicles destroyed or burned during the confrontation in the Tis Hazari Court complex here on Saturday.

Party spokesman RPN Singh said: This is unprecedented. If law enforcement agencies are on the streets, what will happen to the common man?

He claimed that such things happen when the BJP is in power.