The Delhi police must take a stand, stand firm in everything they can: Kiran Bedi

PUDUCHERRY: Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi On Tuesday he advised the Delhi police to remain firm in his position in the police and Saturday clash of Saturday in any case.

In reaction to the incident, he told PTI that he was facing a similar situation in January 1988 when a lawyer arrested for robbery at St Stephen's University was taken to the Tis Hazari handcuffed court.

But I stood firm and refused to yield to the lawsuit of the lawyers seeking the suspension/arrest of the police officers responsible for slapping the lawyer, he said, adding that the person did not identify himself as a lawyer at the time of his arrest. and also gave the police a different name.

Also in the present incident, the Delhi police should take a stand and stand firm, whatever happens, he said.

Bedi, a former IPS official of the 1972 group who retired in the DGP range, said during the clashes between police and lawyers in 1988 in Tis Hazari, where she was DCP (North), then there were lawsuits from the bar associations for his suspension and arrest. . But the then police commissioner strongly supported her and rejected the demands, he said.

It all started on January 15, 1988, when police arrested the lawyer for stealing a student's bag at the University of San Esteban. When he was presented to the magistrate in the court of Tis Hazari with wives, the fellow lawyers who identified him took strong objections and demanded his immediate release and action against the police.

The protests continued for so many days and on January 21, 1988, there was a police charge against the lawyers who tried to block the door of the DCP (North) office located in the courthouse.

Protests continued and on February 17, 1988, a group of some 3,000 outsiders stormed the court premises and attacked the defenders and damaged their vehicles/properties. The lawyers blamed Bedi for being responsible for both incidents, for ordering and designing the attack by strangers.

In the cane charge, 18 lawyers were injured. While the lawyers accused the police of using excessive force against them, Bedi said the lawyers had assaulted his office, shouting obscenities and threatening to tear his clothes off, and that the police had used reasonable force to repel them.

Later, the government established an investigation commission headed by the then judge of the superior court of Delhi, DP Wadhwa, to enter the confrontations. The commission concluded that the lawyer's arrest for theft was justified, but he described his wives as illegal. He also described the subsequent police action as indiscriminate and unjustified.